Brake Servicing / Brake repair in Canterbury

Why should I keep my brakes in top shape?

The obvious answer is safety, both for yourself, the occupants travelling in your vehicle and other road users. Brakes in good operational order can significantly reduce stopping distances!!

When should I replace them?

Again this is variable, significantly!! Cars will go through a set of pads as quickly as 20,000 or as infrequently as 60,000miles depending on various factors including type of driving, or whether the car is auto or manual. As a rule of thumb a car will need a set of discs for every two sets of pads.

Obvious signs of brake wear include, Warning lights, juddering under braking, pulling to one side and in severe cases a metallic grinding noise

Associated Costs

Again at AAS we aim to keep the cost of keeping you safe down.For brake repair in Canterbury we carry out  an initial visual brakes inspection for free. We have preferencial deals with local parts suppliers and a complete set of discs and pads can be fitted from around £99, brake pads alone from £29, but please feel free to call for a tailored quotation.