Cambelt in Canterbury

Why do I need to change my cambelt?

On a majority of engines being the non clearance type, failure to replace the belt at manufacturer recommended intervals can end up in catastrophic engine failure and result in a bill for ££££'s

When should I change my Cambelt?

Cambelt change requirements are specific to vehicle make and model, but vary between distances as low as 40,000miles and as high as 150,000miles, they can also vary depending on driving style and country of use, due to temperature extremes. If required feel free to call us for advice. We cater for both Cambelt in Canterbury & Camchain in Canterbury

How much is it?

It varies from car to car, however here at AAS we have favourable rate cards with local parts suppliers to ensure you get the best prices and with our low labour rates, we guarentee you'll be pleasantly suprised.